Le clos des collieres Bed and Breakfast in Marcollin - Gite de France Isere 38 near Hauterives Beaurepaire Thodure Beaufort Lens-Lestang
 GUEST ROOMS LOUNGE TV AND BOOKSHEL chambres d'hôtes Marcollin Beaurepaire 38270 Isère Piscine Gite de France Hauterives facteur cheval Lens-Lestang Nord Drôme des collines BED AND BREAKFAST IN MARCOLLIN 38270 near Hauterives Lens-Lestang Beaurepaire GÄSTEZIMMER UND GÄSTETISCH MIT SCHWIMMBAD IM MARCOLLIN ISERE 38270 HAUTERIVES LENS-LESTANG NORD DROME FRANKREICH

+33 (0)4 74 56 74 38

Lounge TV AND Bookshel

TV and free internet access.

A well-stocked library (french) for children and adults, as well as indoor games for all ages are available.

free wifi

Gites de France de l'Isère
Gites de France de l'Isère
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Charmance - Guest Rooms 38270

LE CLOS DES COLLIERES - BED and BREAKFAST IN MARCOLLIN - 33 04 74 56 74 38 - Siret N 49977148300017
Pascale and Christophe Barge - 717, route de Viriville - 38270 MARCOLLIN - leclosdescollieres@orange.fr

Le Clos des Collieres your guest room near Hauterives, Beaurepaire, Lentiol, Beaufort, Thodure, Lens-Lestang et Manthes